Top-notch coffee is only the beginning.

Platform 9 is a small-batch speciality coffee roaster, wholesaler, educator and supporter of our local coffee culture. Since 2011, we’ve been here to help café owners, baristas, the coffee serious and the coffee curious with all our coffee roasted, packed and sold under the one roof. 

We provide a wide range of services, including sourcing equipment, alternative brewing gear and barista tools along with staff training and a mountain of support along the way. And because we love nothing more than sharing our passion for coffee, we also provide multi level coffee training for school groups, coffee businesses and home barista enthusiasts.

Sustainable. Always.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We have an obligation to act responsibly and proactively in the pursuit of sustainability in the coffee industry. This guides all our decision making at Platform 9.

From our green bean supply to our reusable and recyclable packaging, compostable cups and coffee husk by-product given to a local farm - we are passionate about finding innovative ways to support the cultural change towards conscious consumption.

We also care about people. We’re committed to promoting ethical coffee farming and processing practices. Our beans are sourced by trusted suppliers who work closely with farmers to make sure ethical and sustainable practices are continually upheld at every step of the beans journey.

What we are doing.


Our packaging is reusable and soft plastics recyclable. The removable valve means the bag can be repurposed into more useful things like road base and park furniture.


Our high volume coffee users are supplied coffee beans in a reusable pail. When they are empty, we collect the pails, clean them and use them again and again and again.

Hessian bags

A local community group upcycles our hessian bags into reusable shopping bags. Other uses include weed matting and craft projects with the creation of cushions, rugs and pot plant covers.

Coffee husks

A by-product of coffee roasting, our husks are picked up by a local farmer for use in fertiliser, composting, soil conditioning and plant growth.


Made from premium paperboard lined with bioplastic made from plants, our takeaway cups are certified industrially compostable, and lids are recyclable.


All cardboard, recyclable plastics and green waste are kept separate and collected in allocated bins, with the aim to keep waste going into landfill to a minimum.

Carbon neutral

Our packaging supplier, Eco Barista, offsets emissions in partnership with Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd to help them towards their mission of carbon neutrality.

Bring your own container

We love it when our customers bring in their own containers - from Star Wars themed tins to our custom airscape cannisters, we get excited about reducing single use packaging.

The crew behind the brew.

We’re Glen and Julia. Platform 9 is a family-run business that’s allowed us to combine our backgrounds in food, produce, business and economics.

We understand the passion and the pressures of life in hospitality, and we love being able to support other small businesses with technical help and reliably brilliant coffee.


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